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Keep Kleen can be used to clean the outside of a house as a surfactant or detergent. Keep Kleen will also remove mould, moss and mildew from outdoor surfaces and prevent it from returning (for approx 6 months).  

Keep Kleen can be used on most outdoor surfaces including concrete, asphalt, iron, aluminium, astro turf, painted wood, stucco, tiles, brick, paving stones, fabric, and many other surfaces.  

CLEAN UP – 20:1. Dilute concentrated product 20 parts water to 1 part Keep Kleen.
MAINTENANCE – 40:1. Dilute concentrated product 40 parts water to 1 part Keep Kleen.

- Wet the dry surface with diluted mixture.
- Just spray, walk away and forget.
- Application rate of approximately 1.5 litres of diluted product per 10 m2.
- Repeat process every 6 months for the ultimate home maintenance solution.
- For best results apply Keep Kleen at least 12 – 24 hours before it rains.

5L: At 20 to 1 Covers approx. 670m2, makes up 100L
      At 40 to 1 Covers approx. 1340m2, makes up 200L

20L: At 20 to 1 Covers approx. 2680m2, makes up 400L
        At 40 to 1 Covers approx. 5360m2, makes up 800L


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