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Clean iron deposits and sludge from pumps, pipes and bores with Bore Cleaner! A cost effective, time-saving and essential part of any pump and bore maintenance toolkit.

Bore Cleaner removes iron deposits and sludge from pumps, bores and pipes. It's easy to use and can be utilized in many different applications; including:

Soak Tank

- Make up a 10% solution (1kg per 10 litres of water)
- Soak articles for 30 to 48 hours depending on severity of cleaning required.
- Wash items thoroughly with water before use.

Tip: Using hot water and regularly mixing the solution will dramatically improve cleaning.


- Make up a solution between 5-10% depending on severity of cleaning required.
- Fill the pipes with required quantity and leave solution to soak for 24 – 72hrs.
- Then thoroughly flush with water.

To calculate quantity of Bore Cleaner needed, pipe volumes per 100m of length are:

20mm - 31 litres

25mm - 49 litres

32mm - 80 litres

38mm - 113 litres

50mm - 196 litres

Tip: Using a high pressure and high flow rate will drastically improve flushing.


- Disconnect the bore supply from your water supply to prevent contamination.
- Gauge what size and how deep your bore is.
- Add a 5-10% solution depending on severity of cleaning required

Sol Strength

Bore Size




5% per 10m of depth




10% per 10m of depth




Pour the calculated quantity of Bore Cleaner solution down the bore slowly. Switch the pump on and recycle bore water for 15-30mins. Allow to soak for 6-24 hours repeating the recycle process several times. When finished pump waste until water is clear and no Bore Cleaner is present.

Note: Please follow precautions detailed on container.

Packaging sizes
Bore Cleaner may be purchased in 5, 10 and 20kg pails, for home and commercial use.

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